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Tuesday, April 6

2:20pm EDT

Person Centered Care Experiences: Reimagining Health Promotion and Behavior Change with Patients: Lessons Learned From Former “Non-Designers”
Hey team, here’s the brief for your next project. Can you build a bariatric surgical preparation and support program that takes into account… -the diverse medical needs and demographics of our patients, -how histories of trauma impact many of the patients considering surgery, -our clinical guidelines and regulatory requirements, -the limitations in staffing resources across all medical centers, -the need for consistency from the Department of Managed Health Care …oh, and can you figure out what it means to use human centered design and then use that to do all this for the largest bariatric surgery provider in the world – Kaiser Permanente Southern California?” Wait…what?! This was how we embarked on a journey to reimagine the preparation and support program for bariatric surgical patients, known as the Options Program. Little did we know in 2017, this project would transform the mindsets and methods used to design disease prevention and management strategies at Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s Center for Healthy Living. Through a practice-based examination of the redesign of the Kaiser Permanente Options Program, this talk will accomplish three goals. First, demonstrate how human centered design was applied to designing solutions to the complex challenge of health promotion and long-term behavior change. Second, demonstrate how human centered design was applied from an operational lens to design systems that allow patient-centered solutions and needs to truly be realized within a massive healthcare system. And finally, share practical takeaways and lessons learned for embracing the methods and mindsets of human centered design while still incorporating organizational goals, performance metrics, and a public health/population-based approach.

avatar for Amy Heymans

Amy Heymans

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow
avatar for Angela Shumaker

Angela Shumaker

Senior Consultant, Kaiser Permanente
Angela Shumaker has worked in the fields of nutrition, health promotion, as well as disease prevention and management for over 13 years. Angela received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science and Kinesiology from California State University Fullerton. In her early career... Read More →
avatar for Kelly Dumke

Kelly Dumke

Senior Learning Consultant, Kaiser Permanente
Kelly Dumke has worked internationally in public health focusing on systems change that confronts upstream root causes of disease.  Kelly's academic background combines a doctorate in public health focused on systems change and chronic disease prevention, a master’s degree specializing... Read More →

Tuesday April 6, 2021 2:20pm - 2:35pm EDT
Hop.in Sessions

2:40pm EDT

Person Centered Care Experiences - Expanding Pediatric Healthcare Access Through Design: Lessons from a Children's Hospital
Addressing social determinants of health, the conditions in which people are born and grow, is critical to ensure children can reach their full potential. The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is a nonprofit pediatric healthcare organization dedicated to creating hope and building healthier futures for children. CHLA serves a diverse community of pediatric patients from all over Southern California. Our patients and their families face several barriers to care including transportation, access to health insurance, language barriers, and, more recently exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to internet and technology for telehealth. This talk will showcase examples of how the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is using design thinking to improve access, address social determinants of health, and bring exceptional healthcare experiences to children and families in our community.

avatar for Amy Heymans

Amy Heymans

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

avatar for David Delgado, MPH

David Delgado, MPH

Innovation Strategist, CHLA’s Innovation Studio
David Delgado, MPH, is an Innovation Strategist with CHLA’s Innovation Studio. A bilingual healthcare innovation professional with design thinking, implementation, and change management experience within both large healthcare systems and small healthcare start-ups, David is dedicated... Read More →
avatar for Margeaux Akazawa

Margeaux Akazawa

Innovation Strategist, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Margeaux Akazawa, MPH is a Human-Centered Designer and Innovation Strategist at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where she focuses on building impressive healthcare experiences for patients and families. Prior to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Margeaux served for 5 years in federal... Read More →

Tuesday April 6, 2021 2:40pm - 2:55pm EDT
Hop.in Sessions

3:00pm EDT

Person Centered Care Experiences: Achieving Life-Long Wellness for Pediatric Patients Growing Up with Chronic Illness
A healthcare system designed for acute care doesn’t work very well for children and adolescents who are chronically ill. This presentation highlights a transformative approach to chronic illness care that is currently under development at UCSF. By definition, children with chronic illness will never be cured. They will carry their chronic disease to adulthood, and many will develop secondary morbidities as they age adding to their already complex medical needs. The Chronic Illness Center for Children and Adolescents (CIC) takes the long view of care with a service platform centered around optimizing the future health of these young patients with important adjuvant care that is not currently systematically provided at UCSF. Human-centered design methods are an integral part of this work in progress. The effort brings together patients, caregivers, UCSF physicians and clinicians, and community providers applying experience principles to design: the center as a service, a physical space, and a ‘living’ personalized needs assessment that will guide patients to wellness services. The needs assessment will serve as ‘case study’ for this collective co-creation and design learning experience.

avatar for Amy Heymans

Amy Heymans

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

avatar for Jan Yeager

Jan Yeager

Service Designer, University of California San Francisco
After working in the consumer space for many years I became inspired by the enormous opportunities for human-centered design within healthcare. For the past five years I've been working within interdisciplinary teams of providers, front line staff and patients to solve critical care... Read More →

Tuesday April 6, 2021 3:00pm - 3:15pm EDT
Hop.in Sessions

3:20pm EDT

Person Centered Care Experiences: Design for Empathy: How the Environment Impacts a Cancer Patient’s Journey
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and accounts for about 1 in 6 deaths. A recent study by Texas A&M’s Department of Public Health summarizes the main drivers of future cancer centers as: Technology, integrated medical services, access to big data, multidisciplinary coordinated care, and high-quality physical environments. Along with these main drivers, cancer patients themselves, are another important design driver of these facilities. One of today’s main cancer care trends is personalized medicine, where patients receive treatment plans specific to their unique complex medical conditions. In this presentation, we will present our study where we used a unique methodology to understand and visualize a cancer patient’s journey. Our process starts with DISCOVERY, where we explore emerging models of cancer care delivery, trends and innovations in cancer treatments, and empirical evidence on design for cancer patients. Second, RESEARCH, where we gather the data and detailed stories told by cancer survivors or family members of survivors, particularly parents of pediatric patients. Third, MAPPING, where the stories are mapped based on stages, touchpoints, and actors/artifacts to understand patients’ feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Fourth, COMMUNICATION, where graphics are used to visualize patient pain points and needs. Finally, OPPORTUNITIES, where the map is used to identify gaps and generate new solutions to enhance the patient experience. This presentation will arm attendees with an understanding of these unique patient experiences and give them practical takeaways on how they can enhance these patient journeys by providing a sense of place, connectivity, flexibility, and supportive care.

avatar for Amy Heymans

Amy Heymans

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

avatar for Adeleh Nejati

Adeleh Nejati

Healthcare Architect and Researcher, HMC Architects
Adeleh Nejati, AIA, PhD, LEED AP, WELL AP, EDAC, is a healthcare planner and researcher with HMC Architects in San Francisco, CA. Adeleh brings a wealth of industry-leading experience and a unique skillset rooted in advanced research, innovation, and genuine knowledge of healthcare... Read More →

Tuesday April 6, 2021 3:20pm - 3:35pm EDT
Hop.in Sessions

3:40pm EDT

Person Centered Care Experiences: Designing for Patient Engagement: Developing Tools to Support and Empower Patients and Caregivers During a Cancer Diagnosis
When a person finds out they have cancer, the stakes are high: they need to understand their diagnosis, make potentially life-changing decisions, prepare for their unique journey through treatment, and adjust to a new reality. Effective communication is essential, but a number of barriers often stand in the way, including the psychological shock of a diagnosis, the health literacy of the patient and their caregiver, the urgency to make treatment decisions, and the institutional limitations that providers face, including time constraints. Patients experience a range of emotions during their initial diagnosis: disorientation, fear, anger, even shame. When communication breaks down during the diagnosis appointment—and it often does—these emotions are compounded. At one of the most difficult and vulnerable moments of a person’s life, what does “good communication” look like, and how can healthcare teams better communicate with patients to support them through this experience? In this talk, dandelionRX and Greater Good Studio will share the process and products of their efforts to develop communication tools for healthcare professionals to use with ovarian and endometrial cancer patients that establish an essential foundation of trust, bring about learning, and empower patients to be active partners in the treatment process. To ensure the tools would meet the varying needs of these stakeholders and work within the realities of healthcare institutions, we learned firsthand from patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals through research and prototyping, as well as engaged an advisory team of providers and patient advocates throughout the design process. We also merged our firsthand discovery with research on the efficacy of visuals and metaphors to convey complex medical information. We’ll discuss the utility of and lessons learned from employing a collaborative, human-centered design process, and demonstrate how the tools can jumpstart trust building, comprehension, and empowerment.

avatar for Amy Heymans

Amy Heymans

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

avatar for Adrienne Moore

Adrienne Moore

Patient Advisor Steering Group Member, Endometrial Cancer Action Network for African Americans (ECANA).
As a Respiratory Therapist for 25yrs, I have passionately dedicated my clinical expertise to assisting my patients in improving their lives despite barriers presented to them by their respiratory illnesses. It is with that same compassion and dedication that I have navigated my own... Read More →
avatar for Betsy Ramaccia

Betsy Ramaccia

Design Research Lead, Greater Good Studio
Betsy Ramaccia is a Design Research Lead at Greater Good Studio, a design firm dedicated to the social sector. She brings a decade of experience as a researcher and strategist to her role there, where she leads projects and research with a range of partners across education, community... Read More →
avatar for Katherine Crawford-Gray

Katherine Crawford-Gray

Project Director, dandelionRX
Katherine Crawford-Gray is the Project Director at dandelionRX, a public benefit corporation dedicated to finding innovative ways to improve how healthcare teams communicate cancer diagnoses and treatment options to patients and caregivers. There, Katherine oversees the delivery of... Read More →

Tuesday April 6, 2021 3:40pm - 3:55pm EDT
Hop.in Sessions
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