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Martin Lange is an executive with deep expertise and passion for digital, client-centric product and service design.
At BNY Mellon he was tapped by the Chief Digital Officer to build and head up the Client Experience Strategy team as part of the overall goal to digitally transform the bank. Martin established the CX Strategy practice from ground up, defining its scope, hiring and grooming the team and developing working methodologies and identifying required tools. He puts great emphasis on combining deep client research with new, creative ideation and solutioning techniques to define the future client experience. He empowered the wider organization by establishing a wide-ranging training and advocacy program. His team played a crucial strategic design role among the cross-functional teams tasked to re-design key service areas with multi-million dollar top and bottom-line implications.
In his career Martin has a consistent track record of successfully developing new, innovative capabilities (thought leadership, people, ways of working, tools, advocacy) within the firms he has worked in and for the clients he has consulted.
In his previous role at Ogilvy, New York he was asked to develop a global mobile marketing capability. He served as the Head of mobile@Ogilvy defining its focus and providing thought leadership to internal teams and its clients. He co-led the acquisition of a mobile app design firm and the integration of their services into the overall agency offering. During his tenure revenue from mobile marketing engagements increased exponentially in consecutive years.
In his capacity as digital strategy consultant both at Ogilvy and at argonauten G2 in Berlin (then a leading digital agency) he helped clients spearhead new approaches to centering their marketing efforts on digital platforms. This included complex website design (for Coca-Cola, Dupont, Volkswagen, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), embracing the mobile ecosystem (for Famous Footwear, Nestle, FM Global) and establishing a social media and content center of excellence (for Merck, Pfizer). Critical in all these initiatives was his focus on customers’ informational and utilitarian needs to inform the design of a successful experience.
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