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Nitchakorn Tangsathapornpanich

System Design and Management Fellow
Dr.Nitchakorn is a primary care doctor who is passionate about disease prevention in the adult workforce. She has led the clinic that oversee over 3,000 diabetes patients and 200 chronic kidney disease patients for two years, where she developed the passion for preventing before it's too late. She left the treatment side to join a health system policy professor in the research and later worked as an offshore doctor in Thailand's gulf. As an on-site doctor, she had a chance to learn so much about the adult working population and was determined to scale up her work to the broader community with better quality.

She comes to MIT to study System Design and Management, where she learned about System Architecture, Human System Engineering, and Negotiation. She is developing the thesis to answer why the digital wellness solution's engagement is currently too low and how to improve it through team-based and participatory design.
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